Major milestone as we reach 100 employees

This week the Ascot Group reached a major business milestone – with 100 employees for the first time.

It’s a very special landmark for any business in the UK, as only 20,000 firms (0.3%) of the UK’s 5.5 million businesses ever reach 100 employees (source).

The investment in people follows 20% year-on-year growth at the Ascot Group.

Andrew Scott, founder and CEO of the Ascot Group, shared:

“I didn’t start with a team of people, a great product or investment. In fact, I started the business as a one-man-band from my dining room table, living on credit cards for 2 years and driving around the country in an ancient car with 250,000 miles on the clock, putting in 80-100 hour weeks as a consultant, marketer, writer, designer, developer and everything else.

It’s taken 19 years of hard work, but my vision has always been unshakeable – to build a world-class marketing, media and tech company in North Somerset.”

Over that time Andrew has launched and built multiple companies including Purplex Marketing, Insight Data and Business Leader Magazine – all of which are leaders in their respective markets. He has also launched a property business and investment company, helping new entrepreneurs and start-ups make that first move with mentoring, support, and investment.

Andrew added:

“Ultimately a business is only as good as its people. We’re blessed in North Somerset to have some immensely talented people who don’t want the big commute to Bristol, Bath or London, and the Ascot Group provides an ideal home to nurture talent and develop careers – including our recent Digital Marketing Apprenticeship programme.

“It’s also about giving back, which is why we actively support Somewhere to Go, a local homeless charity, and Gympanzees, which supports children with learning difficulties and disability.

“I won’t pretend the last 19 years has been easy – it hasn’t. Building any business is tough, building multiple companies simultaneously is a different level.

“But I’m extremely proud of what we’ve built, the impact we’ve had on the local community and economy, and the team around me.

“I’m excited to see the next stage of our evolutionary journey and continue building my fabulous team.”

Founded in 2004, the Ascot Group is a fast-track high growth company made of nine businesses including the UK’s leading business magazine Business Leader, full-service marketing agency Purplex, renowned data specialists Insight Data, private investment firm Knightstone Capital and almost a dozen investee companies across a diverse range of industries. Interested to know more? Take a look at our careers page call 01934 428771.

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