Ascot Group HQ

It all started in 2004 when Andrew Scott launched Purplex from his dining room table, working as a business and marketing consultant.

Today the group has a multi-million turnover, 70+ employees and a 7-figure balance sheet with strong liquidity. It operates from facilities in London and a prestigious, company-owned Head Office near Bristol.

The structure was formalised in 2012 when Ascot Group (Holdings) Ltd was incorporated as a holding company, with a number of subsidiary companies, a property business and an investment arm. It is still privately owned by the founder and CEO, Andrew Scott.

Business Activities

The core trading activities include marketing, business data, software development, business media, publishing and events with clients across the UK, Europe and the U.S. For full details of business activities please visit our Portfolio.

The group is also seeking potential business acquisitions that are aligned to our core markets, and provides equity-based investment for start-up and scale-up ventures. Other activities include property acquisition and management through our dedicated property business.

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