Ascot Venture Partners

Want to launch, grow or exit your business?


If you are thinking of exiting your business – perhaps it is time to sell, retirement, ill-health or a change of personal circumstances, or your business is facing some difficult challenges. The Ascot Group is actively seeking acquisitions that will help us fuel growth.

We are particularly interested in businesses across the UK and overseas that dovetail or complement our existing portfolio, for example;

  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Web and Digital Marketing
  • Business Data and Research
  • Software and Mobile Technology
  • Media and Publications
  • Video, Design or Animation
  • Recruitment, Training or Business Services

Of course, we consider other acquisitions particularly where we can add value by using the resources that exist within the Ascot Group.


Launching or growing a small business is not all about finance. Unlike the Banks, City Financiers and traditional Private Equity Firms who focus entirely on the numbers, we aim to work with passionate, knowledgeable and professional people who really want to build a successful company.

Ascot Venture Partners is a vehicle designed to help start-up and growing companies maximise their potential; this can be capital investment or business and marketing expertise, or a combination of both.

One of the greatest barriers to growth is marketing; with the Ascot Group our Venture Partners benefit from enormous marketing fire power. We can help companies achieve in one year what may otherwise take five or ten years.
While our business and finance team work with you on the numbers and business strategy, our marketing team develop the marketing plan; brand and reputation, PR and media coverage, advertising and promotion, online strategy and direct marketing. The growth that follows can be staggering.

We are passionate about the businesses we work with and invest significant time, energy and resources to help them succeed. So we need to make sure your ideas, plans and approach fits with us, and you feel comfortable with our team.

  • New start-ups and fledgling companies with projected sales over £1m within three years
  • Established firms that may have stagnated and now want to re-ignite growth
  • Failing or struggling companies that need turnaround expertise, particularly where it relates to sales and marketing
  • Launch of a new product or technology where external business, marketing or financial expertise is required