Ascot Group’s Night at the Somerset Business Awards

Held annually, the Somerset Business Awards showcase the brightest talents and celebrates their contributions to the local economy. This year, amidst a gathering of industry leaders and entrepreneurs, the Ascot Group had the honour of being nominated as finalists in two distinguished categories, marking a significant milestone in our journey of growth and success.

The ‘Investing in Somerset’ award symbolises a commitment to the county’s development. As finalists in this category, the Ascot Group were recognised for our dedication to making meaningful investments that drive economic growth and create opportunities within Somerset. Whether through strategic partnerships with local businesses and colleges, employment opportunities, or community initiatives, our focus has always been on contributing positively to the local ecosystem.

Additionally, our marketing agency, Purplex, were nominated as finalists for the ‘Business Resilience’ award, sponsored by Barclays. Being nominated for this award underscores our ability to navigate challenges, adapt to market dynamics, and emerge stronger in the face of adversity and challenging circumstances of the pandemic.

Despite not winning the two categories, the sense of pride and accomplishment reverberated throughout our team. Being ranked so highly by the esteemed panel of judges is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and creativity of every individual within our organisation. It serves as a reminder of our Andrew Scott’s, founder and CEO, mantra¬†every day better.¬†

Andrew shares: “Beyond the glitz and glamour of the awards ceremony, what truly matters is the impact we make every day in the lives of our clients, employees, and community. I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities we’ve been afforded and the relationships we’ve forged over the past few years. The Ascot Group remains steadfast in our mission to push boundaries, embrace challenges, and strive for excellence in everything we do.”

The Ascot Group would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Somerset Business Awards for recognising our contributions and to all those who have supported us on this incredible journey. We look forward to continue making a lasting difference in Somerset and beyond.



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