The Ascot Group launch new recruitment agency

The Ascot Group launch new recruitment agency

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Leading marketing and publishing group, the Ascot Group, has recently expanded with the launch of a new subsidiary.

Harvey Richmond Team

In September of this year, the group established Harvey Richmond – a recruitment agency which will specialise in recruiting on behalf of businesses in the construction industry.
Harvey Richmond has already become a member of the British Institute of Recruiters and will work with businesses all over the UK to help them source employees who have the skills and experience they need.

The agency will also benefit from its connections with the rest of the Ascot Group.

“Each division within the Ascot Group helps propel the success of the others,”

says the group’s Managing Director, Andrew Scott.

“In setting up Harvey Richmond we have drawn on our experience in the industry – Purplex, for example, is built on a solid foundation of expertise in the construction industry and we prioritise offering each of our employees industry training.

“Similarly, our connection with Insight Data is already proving useful, providing a ready-made database of invaluable connections within the UK’s construction industry. Moving forward, we will continue to facilitate collaboration between the group’s different divisions in order to share this knowledge and information.”

Prior to founding the Ascot Group, Andrew himself also gained extensive experience in the construction industry, working with fenestration installers and fabricators and, later, helping to build large-scale companies such as Cambrian Windows.

Harvey Richmond’s Managing Director, Gemma Day, adds:

“Harvey Richmond is founded on principles which aim to align the aspirations of candidates with the needs of businesses based in the built environment.
“Even after only a few months of being up and running, we’re already seeing success and have expanded our team.”

Contact Harvey Richmond

For more information on Harvey Richmond or to speak to a member of the team visit or call +44 (0)117 203 3399